EpisodeM Highest Horsepower Dyno Contest sponsored by SURE Motorsports

Pulls begin Saturday October 19th, 11am - 4pm
Slots are limited.
  Upon ordering you will be scheduled into the contest.
Vehicle must be a Mazda with a Mazda engine, anything else goes!

Each contestant will receive 2 dyno pulls, a 3rd pull is available for an additional $20.  Results will be shown real time on a flat screen TV for spectators to see.  You will also receive a color print out with your results.  Each Dyno vehicle will also receive preferred indoor parking.


Entry fee:  $60 for 2 pulls - $80 for 3 pulls

Highest Horsepower Prizes:
1st Place:  $150 SURE Motorsports gift card & Swag
2nd Place:  $75 SURE Motorsports gift card & Swag
3rd Place:  $25 SURE Motorsports gift card & Swag

All vehicles entering contest should be safe to operate.  We have the right to refuse and refund any vehicle for safety purposes. 

Contestant space is limited.